All three of the REIP versions are designed to help you organize, manage and analyze investment information so you can meet your, or your clients, financial goals.

REIP Basic

Basic Version that is Power Packed with Features...

  • Property Analysis - Enter detailed information about your potential investment properties and view detailed analysis, including a first year property analysis, a 30 year performance projection, loan amortization and cash flow analysis.
  • Job Estimate for Repairs - Creates a detailed job estimates for any and all work needed to be your potential investment property before you buy it.
  • Single Family Home Retirement Strategy (SFHRS) - Enables you to combine several investment property profiles to devise a comprehensive overview of what your real estate portfolio will be worth in the future.
  • File Cabinet - Upload your documents where they will be safely, securely stored on our servers and at your finger tips.
  • 1003 Loan Application - We provide a link to an interactive 1003 loan application that enables you to enter your loan information within the PDF, save to your computer and then upload to the REIP File Cabinet to make it easy to refinance your properties.
  • Loan Package For Lender – This allows you to set up all your financial documents in one place so you can provide them to your lender for finance, making it extremely convenient to manage the financing or refinancing process.
  • Print Cart - With REIP you have the ability to print a document directly to the printer or you can send it to the Print Cart where it will be stored until you are finished working.
  • Training Videos - Each REIP feature comes with an on-screen training video so learning it is easy and you’ll be up and running in minutes.
  • Email Support - Monday through Friday 9am-4pm PST. We will respond to all emails within 4 hours.

12.95 Monthly or 155.40 for 13 Months

REIP Premium

All of the features and benefits of REIP Basic plus...

  • Asset Schedule Management - Enables the investor to organize every asset category of their portfolio, such as Real Estate, Retirement Accounts, Stocks & Funds, Cash Accounts, Partnerships and Notes Held.
  • Cash Flow Module - Enables the investor to categorize and define a cash flow schedule and budget that will enable them to analyze their monthly and annual revenue stream.
  • Net Worth Module - Enables the investor to enter any and all assets and liabilities, which combined with the information entered in the Asset Schedule Management modules, will provide a comprehensive net worth analysis.
  • Portfolio Summary - Once all financial information is entered in the above modules, REIP Premium provides the investor with a comprehensive portfolio summary that helps the investor understand where they are, so they can define the road ahead with confidence.
  •  Portfolio Comparison - Perform side by side analysis of your current portfolio with your previous portfolios. REIP Premium enables you archive your financial portfolio summaries so you can view comparisons at a later date to see how your portfolio has changed over time.
  • Command Center - The command center in REIP Premium also includes a portfolio summary based on the financial modules described above. Every time you log in to REIP Premium, you're immediately shown what your portfolio consists.

19.95 Monthly or 239.40 for 13 Months

REIP Agent

All of the features and benefits of REIP Premium plus...

  • Create up to 20 client profiles.  Additional client profiles can be added to your subscription for an additional minimal cost by request.
  • All features within REIP Agent are organized per portfolio so the broker/agent can easily switch between clients to manage information.
  • Pre-loaded forms pertinent to finance and real-estate, as well as other forms important to portfolio management and analysis.
  • Investment Strategies - REIP Agent enables the broker/agent to devise one or many investment strategies for their clients based on their newly organized financial portfolio.
  • Letter Editor - We enable you to create, store and print letters with our integrated word processing module. Our letter editor has a look and feel like Microsoft Word, you can create as many as you like and they are all stored and secured within REIP.
  • Letter Templates - We enable you to define letter templates for quick document creation. If you have a standard template that you use often, you create the template once, then when you are ready to address a letter to someone, simply choose the template and the template defined text is instantly listed in your Letter Editor.
  • Tracking system enables your client to see from year to hear how they are building their portfolio and reducing taxes.

24.95 Monthly or 299.40 for 13 Months