Logitrac Distribution System (LDS)

LDS is custom tailored for each and every customer implementation. Customers utilize LDS for basic shipping operations or complicated workflow operations that require integration with several third party API's and data trading partners.

LDS enables you to accept orders from your shipping partners electronically via Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), as well as proprietary B2B data interchange methods.

LDS provides automated stop or parcel-level status updates and/or proof of delivery (POD) notifications for customers requiring feedback electronically.

LDS provides secure connectors to pharmaceutical, office supply, commercial property courier intercept, automotive, furniture, and electronics distributors, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) providers, consolidators, and online retailers.

LDS is completely cloud-based, so it enables package delivery operations to manage and view their data anywhere, anytime with low-cost PC or tablet hardware and a basic connection to the internet.

Companies can get package delivery operations up and running in one, or several locations, rapidly and economically, while providing secure, real-time access to data from anywhere, on any internet device.

From complex two-way EDI and XML document interchange to basic comma-separated value (CSV) imports, LDS securely handles them all.

Every LDS feature is custom tailored to work for your operation at a manageable cost.


  • Package receiving via barcode scanning, manual entry or vendor file transmission
  • Accept shipping partner orders via ASN, EDI, AS2, or proprietary B2B formats such as CSV, fixed length text files and others
  • Delivery route manifesting (mobile device or paper)
  • Delivery route management (integrated with Google Maps)
  • Delivery destination management
  • Delivery personnel management
  • Proof of delivery with electronic signature capture via mobile device (Android, Iphone, Blackberry, and more.)
  • Manual proof of delivery via LDS's Container Management module
  • Document imaging and storage for delivery manifests, packing-lists or any relevant documentation
  • Delivery exception status management via LDS's Container Management module
  • Billing and payment management
  • Customer portal for running reports like OS&D, volume, tracing and billing
  • Delivery recipient/consignee package tracking interface
  • Custom and comprehensive reports manual or automated and delivery via email

LDS Customer Testimonials

"Precision Business Technology has delivered on every promise and even produced better results than we ever anticipated. They listened to our every need and seamlessly implemented them as we desired. When others told us that it was impossible to meet our needs, PBT came through in record time. Their product (LDS) was completely customized for our operation and we don't know how we operated without it. From implementation, customization, and continued customer service, they exceeded every expectation." -Stephen Samuel,  Premier Pharmacy Services , Baldwin Park, California

"Precision Business Technology continues to provide customer centered solutions to our organization. PBT is highly trained, responsible and accessible when we need them. Their years of development experience continues to provide highly differentiated services to both our organization and our customers." -Jeff Thomas - CEO, Priority Dispatch , Cincinnati, Ohio

"Precision has been an amazing resource to our company. They customized LDS to be the hub that our courier intercept operation works around. Without LDS we would be at a serious disadvantage with our competition. They provide an insight that I am not sure I could find anywhere else. Whenever we have experienced a problem, Precision has proactively driven the solution discussion and implementation. They look at the big picture and then break down the problem so that manageable solutions can be provided. They stay with it from the start to the end. I consider Precision to be an integral part of our team and not just a service provider. I encourage anyone that has a technology challenge to find Precision and tap into their expertise." -Blair Peters, Grenville, Toronto, Ontario.

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